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Microsoft Garage releases Dictate – Voice to text app for Microsoft Word


This is my first dictated post of Microsoft Word using the Microsoft Garage project Dictate. I am quite happy to see voice recognition finally coming to Microsoft Office directly from Microsoft itself. Till date we had 3rd party software supporting voice dictation for Microsoft Office products. This one however is from Microsoft’s software developing wing. Speech recognition typing softwareClick to continue...

Mahabharata War Statistics – Army strength of Pandavas & Kauravas


Kurukshetra, the place where the war was fought , was spread over an area of 128 sq kms during the time of Mahabharata. Lets define a term Akshauhini. Refer to the table below : Pandava had 7 Akshauhini and Kaurava 11 Akshauhini armies. So a total of around 20 million infantry fought this battle , where as in later years Chandragupta Maurya had close to 8 Million , Ashoka had close to 6 MillionClick to continue...

Books you should read (or try) before you die-Knowledge is power!


Books have helped us all learn since ages. From the ancient times to modern times, they still are the big deal. Fancy iPads and E Book readers don’t give you much pleasure than reading a simple and beautiful book does. If you want to develop yourself, improve your habits and achieve high, YOU need to READ! So why not start today? I am laying down the list of some books that I have read andClick to continue...

How to plan your 20’s and be successful at life!


Are you in your 20’s and have no idea how to move ahead in life? I am not talking about your science degree but your knowledge of life and common sense. If you are looking for answers to lot of questions, these tips might help. These have helped me greatly plan life and will help you too: Porn is Ruining Your Sex Life – So install a porn blocker and give Joey the Password Life isn’t aClick to continue...

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