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Age of Sparta – Game Walkthrough and Battle tips

Age of Sparta is an excellent game created by Gameloft. While the equally famed Age of Empires is not as good, this game surely makes you stick to your device asking for more. I am addicted to this game called Age of Sparta and I’ve been playing it since its inception. Basically this game has been created from the stories of 300, Wrath of the Titans and Immortals. So you’ll be mighty hero Leonidas [...]

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Need for Speed World Shut down – Electronic Arts makes a profit and ditches the users

An honest opinion from the heart of a Need for Speed World fan on the shutdown. We all love games these days. Be it mobile, tablet, console a PC. We are all addicted. What’s more addicting is an online multiplayer game that u can play with friends. When its racing with friends, you just can’t stop it and want more. I was one of those too. In fact there are many. All the racing gamers were excited [...]

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The Mentalist – A show mixed with Crime, Comedy and Common Sense

The Mentalist was one of the greatest TV Shows ever. Some may not agree with me on this, but a majority will definitely will. I wasn’t a fan of TV Shows earlier. I just used to hate why these stories are so dragging with pointless chapters and endless seasons. However this all came to a stop when I started watching The Mentalist a few years back. I was watching the TV on a boring day and by mistake [...]

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Hello world!

Hello there, Welcome to my webpage. First of all thanks for stopping by. This is my weblog where I share my thoughts on Cloud Computing, Internet Security, Privacy, Windows, WordPress and anything that amazes me. All the articles, thoughts, ideas are mine and not  sponsored or biased in any manner. If you feel any of the content is misleading or abusive, you can simply contact me for getting things [...]

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