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Hello World – I’m Sameer Manas!

Sameer ManasSameer Manas

Hi There,

I am Sameer Manas from India. I’m a passionate blogger, traveller, cloud computing enthusiast and geek by birth. I am writing this blog to make sure that the things I learn in life will be beneficial to anyone who is in my social circles.

I am going to post my experiences, experiments and also things that motivate me daily. I really hope the first post is not annoying you because in the coming months I will improve my style of writing and make it super duper readable to you.

You can befriend me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by. Having a great day!

An Entrepreneur, Blogger, Internet of Things enthusiast, Passionate learner, Investor, UX guy, coffee drinker and learns something new everyday. Read more on my about page.

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