Why learning matters at every stage of life

Have you every though of learning something new but had to stop because of the lack of motivation? Most of us have faced this scenario. We often meet people who feel they have accomplished enough once they get a job. There are also some who still want to learn new things, travel and live life on their terms.


If you are thinking where I belong, I am the second type. I have always tried to learn new things, gain experience and reiterate myself. I used to doubt myself sometimes that I may or may not be able to do a certain thing I’ve always wanted to. Once you find the courage to overcome the fear that’s pulling you back, the field is clear for you. You need to set aside the common fear “You can’t” and start improvising yourself with “I CAN”.

Unless we have the zeal to learn more in life, we can’t succeed at any stage due to the fear of lack of knowledge. Doing something just for the sake of doing it is not sufficient. We need to learn, improvise and excel in what we do.