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Chester Bennington Rest in Peace: Millions of fans will miss you!


I was taken aback to learn about the news of Chester Benningtons suicide. I seriously don’t get it what’s with these successful stars commiting suicides every now and then. Chester Bennington was the lead singer of Linkin Park a Number Metal band formed at Lincoln Park. He was a very talented singer and had a distinct voice. It was my first favorite  English band. When I firstClick to continue...

My Investment experiments in Stock Market gave me good returns.


Investing in the Stock Market is a mixed experience for many. For some it gives maximum profit, for some it gives loss. I’ve started experimenting in Stocks about a month back. I started buying little amounts of targeted stocks. Till now I was only into Mutual Funds. I’ve decided to take my investments up a notch. Following some good market strategies, I’ve been able to get goodClick to continue...

Time to move my mobile number from Airtel to Reliance Jio!


Airtel has been my default telecom operator choice since I’ve got my number from them. It was the best in coverage and offers at that time. Ever since Jio has disrupted the telecom industry everything changed. It has take the telecom industry by storm and brought itself lots of new users. At first I was skeptical about Reliance Jio. I thought it may not be at par with others. But as timeClick to continue...

Kirshna’s Modern Gita to Arjuna by the way of G.S.T


​Krishna’s modern Gita to Arjuna. Hey Partha, change is a rule  of life. One which was sales tax till yesterday, is VAT today and will be GST  tomorrow.  What are you crying for? Whatever you got is from customer; whatever you earned, you gave it to Govt; still what saved you gave it to your spouse; you neither owned anything earlier nor will in future, so why are you fearing unnecessarilyClick to continue...

Microsoft Garage releases Dictate – Voice to text app for Microsoft Word


This is my first dictated post of Microsoft Word using the Microsoft Garage project Dictate. I am quite happy to see voice recognition finally coming to Microsoft Office directly from Microsoft itself. Till date we had 3rd party software supporting voice dictation for Microsoft Office products. This one however is from Microsoft’s software developing wing. Speech recognition typing softwareClick to continue...

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